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whats your verdict


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it a jd so dont bother

hi you would you ever give over about crap jds i dont say mf is crap in every pic thats posted  

A good sound buy  :D :D :D :D :D::) ::)::) ::)::)

of course it is simion good american built deere just a pity its not where he says it is  :D

if thats in london i will buy a jd and keep it in one peice, never seen one with the orage triangle on the back and those arches over here before

no chance of that then sean pity  :'(

But why do people bid on things like this  ???

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I just look at how long they've been a member, and the feedback rating. If they have feedback, i look and see what it's for.

This looks like a definat hoax

          I'd agree with that, I don't think  I'd buy a tractor off someone with zero feedback.

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