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Screening soil (something abit different)

sparrow legs

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been working with a couple of my mates screening soil with a finly soil screener for the past few days, feeding mixed soil/stone/rubble into it with a a js130, it then seperates into 3 piles, rubble, 2inch down and soil. A volvo loading shovel the moves the 3 products, stock piling the 2 inch on site, i was then leading the rubble out to a job nearby and also leading the soil to another part of the farm, i was using a jd 6820 and dump trailer (based on an old moxey tipping bodie) and there was also a 6820 and bailey dump trailer been used when driver free

quite a sight to see working!



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nice pics mike.

there an interesting machine alright, ive worked with a good few crushers and screeners in the past, drawing from them. during the summer i gave a week drawing chips and dust from a screener where freshly blasted rock went through  3 seperate crushers in a series and onto the screener to get various grades of stone..... i hadnt time to look around me

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AH HA An interesting topic

At uni at the minute powerscreen (owned by terex, who also owns finlay) gave us a project to redesign the vibrating grid from a 12ft long to a 14ft

sounds easy don't it?? well its not just as simple as adding two feet  :'(

Powerscreen can't come up with a solution but we can


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Great pics Mike, they're a hell of a machine alright. Wouldn't know too much about them but spending time round quarries and stone works' I have seen a fair few. Certainly some huge models about. Volvo is a work of metal art too, they really have and continue to make some awesome loaders.

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