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a couple of new Ford conversions based on the 5000/7000 chassis

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Is the extra cyl bit you cut off to make the 3 cyl models the bit you added for these then mate.

Waste not want not  :D

no mate there's 4 5000/7000's been used to make the 2 models, both been cut so I mated up 2 lots of 3 cyl, plus need to extend the bonnets by using 2 bonnets cut and made into one as well as shaping the 7810 bonnet (I also made the 7810 grill myself) :o;)

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Ah right, sounds quite involved :o The end result is well worth it :-*

it's quite a quick task cutting the chassis's as the bonnets are removed first and the dremel just slices through it quickly all you have to do is remember is if your cutting the front 3 cyl or rear ones ::), the 7810 bonnet takes a bit more work cutting and shaping it ;) another one I'm doing is the 5000/7000 chassis extended but with an extented 7710 bonnet on it


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well i like the last one My ant's brother is now a New Holland dealer and before that he where a Ford dealer!

Ive got a lot off Ford bochures in my brochure colection (about 150!) also a brochure off this one always loved these models

the last one will end up something like a ford 9700, but have had thoughts of making it a 8200 if I can get the decals made for it ;)

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i can try to scan the brochure of it (iff i have that brochure in the collection!)

Maybe some good use for the decals for you ???

will look for you tomorow

Send me PM tomorow to remind me! mate

cheers mate :) did see someone on ebay doing the 8200 decals but it they want ?5(with P&P) for them ??? and I wouldn't pay that for them

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