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Double Width Gate



Not a very stunning idea I know, but I had an idea how to make a double width gate using broken Britains fencing....

It's going to take 4 bits!!!

First separate the pieces down into the component parts.


Then make up two gates (These two pieces have not been broken up)


Hang the gates from two original uprights - this provides a base and a link to the other fencing. This will probably be by L shaped pieces of wire with eyes on the gate. A U shaped piece of wire will be used to lock them together in the middle.

Possible? Any further ideas??

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Yes I agree I was going toleave thelegs on in middle as a support - but cut them short where you have ringed on the end.

The hinges are going to be the key?

Just flip the ends around as the middle bits look short already.

maybe some tiny screw eyes linked together ??? or ones made from thin wire and glued into drilled holes in the gate and fence.

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I made a wooden gate several years back and 'hung' it. Made it to 1:10 scale, well, I say it's 1:10 because it's 1 foot in length.The hanging and falling posts are let into a 'plynth' of the same timber, looks pretty good even though I say so myself. I made it because we used to make full size wooden gates in the YFC so I thought I'd have a go at doing a smaller version. I'll post a pic if you want to see it.

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yeah i got them from EMA i think?? (might have been Hobbies ??? kinda sister shop, they sell their catalouge in WH Smiths!!!), can get you a part number Kev if you want??

Yes please Ben. I haven't started looking anywhere yet.

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