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name this loader


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Thats not an MF40.... I reckon it's and MF35 loader - from a 35x  ???

would they have had tip and raise hydro's on the bucket/fork then mate??? all the ones i have seen are trip tippers ,wouldnt have thought the hydro system would be able to do all that and raise the arms on a 35 would it?? splitters ect would be needed

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yes its  VERY early  power loader and I`m agreeing with Sean ,Itwould have come off a 135 , 148 or 165 or similar........... DEF before the MF 80 power loaders they put on the 500`s and subsequent 200`s

Ding Ding Ding we have a winner, Well that didnt last long

Ill get the tractor pics up after work

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yes I think its a 35 model.I`m more familiar with  the later 80 loader.The  centre ram was different on it to this one.....I used one for years........around 14 seasons handling 2000 + round bales stacked and fed out  each year, plus all the mucking etc. The 3  rams til the day it went away NEVER leaked a drop of oil. the 880 we followed it with was leakin within a month , although once sorted was fine for a good while.

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