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siku jd 7530

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have fitted a pma 32 front linkage wanted to fit uh mccormick ztx wheels and front axle but was rather difficult but i think it looks ok the why it is any comments welcome oh sorry about the pics there not the best camera is a bugger if you move at all will get better ones at some point




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thats looks quite ok cj well done

That looks smashing, I like your layout in the backround to.

thanks fm and hody21  :)

very nice, you have got a heck of a match for the green paint to, ,i take it thats dealer paint as most dont match the toy makers finsih

thanks sean yeah dealer green and yellow with a white primer under neath works quite well mate  :)

Tidy work yet again cj mate  ;) ;)

She looks well  :) :)

I was going to say something else but I'll not, cause you'll shout at me again  ;)::) ::)::)

cheers blake

whys that then  ::):D

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nice work CJ :) :). Was that one of PDC's cab tops??

just noticed that ben no tit on top

indeed it is  ;)

nice well done nice job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :P :P :P :P

looks very nice keep up to good work

looks the part cj very well done? ;D

many thanks for the kind words men  :)

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CJ, did you use original John Deere color? I recognized at a 6920 convo that the Siku color is a little changed than the original. You nearly can't see it with your eyes but on pictures you'll see it. On your pictures the color looks very well so please let me know if you used the original JD color.


yes Moritz i use paint supplied by the dealer in spray cans both green and yellow and for the front linkages and wheel rims i would use a white primer first  :)

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Hey CJ,

are you glad with that PMA 32 fronthydraulics? I used my first one for the 7530 and I'am very disappointed. No good quality of the parts, bubbles in the reisn and difficult to paint. I'll sell my PMA Fronthyds and will build my next ones again from brass.


yes mortiz i bought 4 from him and have built to so far and have no complaints the one on the front of my 7530 had a few defects on the hydraulic rams but just sanded and paint and it turned out ok  ;):)

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