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New Holland T6070


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I have a sneaking feeling that ertl/britains will release the new CASE155 Puma/New Holland T6080 before to long.  Basically these tractors have a backend similar to larger puma/T7000 models but same bonnet as current maxxum (mxu)/TSA versions. 

So effectively they already are75% of the way there tooling wise ;)  And given that these 155hp tractors will be CNHs biggest sellers in the realworld in 2008  it makes a lot of sense for the toy manufacturers to offer them ;)

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i asked at my local nh dealer before xmas ,and they didnt have a delivery date, although it was listed as a up coming model for their toy stock

ps only time i have been near a nh dealer honest ;):D

:o :o :o :o thought you were turning a deeper shade of blue there mate , do you want me to send  you something red ?????? ;D,

think red thoughts , bright red thoughts and lots of them............ :D

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Which are we talking here 6070 or 7060........ ???

The T6070 has only been released in an Ertl box so far AFAIK

THe T7060 is a Euro-only release, NA got the T7040 and T7050

When Britains do officially bring out the T6070 here, they should give it the same cab and rear mudguards as the T7060

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