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I've upgraded yoaks guys!

Light Land

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I've changed tractors from a 05 JD6920 too 05 NHTVT190 and I thought you jokers would like to see a few snaps i've made of it. :)

Now that I have the hang of it's computer I must say I realy like the TVT.

So far i've been pulling with it...he-va rollers,case baler,15 ton trailer.



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Oi thats below the belt!!!! >:( >:(>:( :'( :'( :'(

Have you had the Dis plesure of driving a 6020 ivt jd? Horid to learn compared to a cvx/tvt, at least with these you can work your scvs of one lever unlike the jds, hms can lift up, flip the pough, drop down and change speed on the cvx/tvt, jd will lift up and i think can change speed, you flip the plough your self, stupid in some ways

I do agree ol, deffntly a upgrade, these new jds just dont seam to have the same quality as the older 10s ;)

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have drove both the autopowr jd was nice to drive especially with the comand arm which can lift, flip and drop the plough because of the electric spools if the autopowr is on the dash it cant, cvx is a nice tractor to but there were a few annoying bits about the one i worked with, sometimes when pulling out of a junction with a full load on you put your foot down and all you would get was 6kph then you would have to stop and start again granted the autopowr jd's gear boxes are the worst for reliablity but the cvx also needed gear box work at 1200 hrs

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