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John Deere 8430t with hitch.....

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.......ta taaaa,

just finished a littel detail for my jd 8430t.

i spend him a rear hitch.

ok i only got some small pics of the EU-stylet hitch :-\

sorry if there is anything on the wrong place ::);) however..........here some pics.

and btw do someone know a EU company who is building in-line subsoiler like the jd 915 ???



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;D ;D ;D ;D

but here  you go,

for the 8430t is the length 3,5cm and 1mm thick,

for the 7830 and 7930 is the length 4,0cm and also 1mm thick , ;)

hope it helps a bit

:-*:-* Thanks, now of to the model shop, looks alot better than a pma hitch any day of the week mate

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Hi I love that hitch It is as good as the real one. Have you ever thought about making them for all makes of tractors and casting parts from them as I have a ford that would look good with a hitch on the back and do not have the time to build to this quality and I am sure I 'm not the only one with this problem. I also like the pto shaft Who makes those as it is a nice finishing touch. Keep up the good work

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