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ertl case ih barge wagon (tipping trailer)


what do I do with it  

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  1. 1. what do I do with it

    • rip it apart for a conversion
    • leave it how it is
    • somebody save it from my hands

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It is a pretty nasty piece of work but as a boxed item it must be worth saving? If for nothing other than showing how much things have moved on!!

Stick it on ebay and buy a Marston to convert instead...

I got it off ebay :D :D the thing is I just want the body and wheels off it, as I would like to make one like tractorman810 (sean) did ;)


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I presume its at an advantageous price to allow it to be ripped apart.. in that case I`d say yes go for it that`s  after all, why you bought it..................you may end up getting as much for the empty box  if you put it back on ebay!!!! ;)

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boxed i would be inclinded to leave it, you dont see them very often ,mine was broken, as are the other 3 i have in the shed hence why it got the chop

it came boxed and the box I would say is about 7/10 condition wise

Why don't you two do a deal?!

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Thanks for the pics mark.. shame you have cut it up... I was going to offer you ?100 plus for that  :D :D :D

Seriously... it's an ugly looking thing.. but until now I never even knew it existed... I like the idea of the tipping mech.

Tris.... you crack me up.. I don't know why.. but you post here had tears rolling down my cheeks...  :-[

either that or the dog's farted  :D :D :D

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