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Siku control


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They're pretty impressive out of the box but some of the stuff these boys can make happen is out of this world.

I love the way the beacons aren't sequenced the same and step out of time with each other - that either happened by accident or he really does put in a lot of thought to every detail!

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dave twose did a rc siku mfcombine when they first came out to, there was a vid of it some where on here, but it was a long time agao mind

i thought he did the Lexion?? and some one else did the MF??

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The joskin quadra is ours ( Willem Hoekstra & Johan Bos) We made a special circuitboard so we can control more servo functions.

- lifting the injector

- Folding the injector (left & right separate)

- Steering axle

- Movable suctionpipe

Claas Axion is also a convo (lights, fronthitch)

More video's at: http://www.landbouwminiaturen.info

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