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Siku Tim Toys Discontinued.


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Yeah i heard they were disctontinued. To be honest i thought it was a good idea, but there you go. I spose now Siku are the toys and Wiking i suppose are the models? Instead of Siku the models and Tim the toys  :-\ I doubt they'll ever be worth much  :-\ We may see a rise in price of people trying to get bits for conversions, thats it i feel  :)

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Hmm i remember hearing about it from Will who had just bought about 4 sets  :D But yeah i think it will be the case Ben, Wiking are the sister of Siku aren't they? So i expect thats the case. But a few handy items, that irrigation reel could of come in handy. Oh well, not really that much of a loss to the model world  :-\ I expect a few Mums and Dads will be a bit peeved about having to fork out ?15 or maybe a little less so there little angels can wreck a 6920 or something  :-\

Can you have a look at the prices for me Steve?

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