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Marky! Have you got a brochure on...


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In all honesty Luke.. I have to say I never seen a real one.. let alone had a brohcure on one  :-[ :'(

I would guess is was a direct replacement for the 294  :-[:-\

Now you have embarrassed me in front of everyone  :-[ :'( :'( :'( :'(

:'( A MF I really wanted to know about as well Mark E Baby...

Can you do some research? Any pictures of a 294? :-*

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Now i'm confused... I've found a Massey Ferguson 3050 E  ???

Is the cab Siku put on the 3050 supposed to look like this style cab or is there actually a cab that looks like Siku's variant?

So now the queastion...What's the difference between a 3050 A and a 3050 E? :D :D

I WILL Find a 3050A!


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And a spec i've found on the 3050A...

Manufacturer: Massey Ferguson

Model: 3050A

Type: Farm/Agricultural tractor

Years produced: 1986 - 1990

Original price: $30500 (1990)

Tractor Power:

Engine: 68 hp [50.7 kW]

PTO (rated): 60 hp [44.7 kW]


Manufacturer: Perkins

Fuel: Diesel

Cylinders: 4

Displacement: 236 ci [3.9 L]

Cooling: Liquid


Type: Manual

Forward: 12

Reverse: 4


MFWD: optional

Steering: Power

Cab: Cab


Fuel: 39 gal [147 L]

3-Point Hitch:

Rear Hitch Category: II

Rear lift: 5103 lbs [2314 kg]

Power Take-off (PTO):

Rear PTO: independent

Rear speed (RPM): 540,1000


Type: open

Outlet flow: 15.9 gpm [60.2 lpm]

Outlets: 2


Ag front: 7.50-16

Ag rear: 18.4-30


Weight: 8600 lbs [3900 kg]

Wheelbase: 93.3 inches [236 cm]

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The siku 3050A is not an accurate representation of the real tractor, just a rebadged 294S, not the only model maker to do that ;)

I think the A part of the model number is a continental way of signifying 4wd, you'll often see the A after other model numbers, ie Deere 3050A (A= Allrad) in the advert but no A on the tractor bonnet.

The 3000E tractors were economy models with a 16x16 speed gearbox in place of the standard 32x32 speed and no 1000 rpm PTO or no auto diff locks.

The 294S was a rebadged Landini and could be purchased with the 600 series style cab or other after market ones such as Walter Mauser



specs can be seen here:


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ya the 294S, i had pics of one somewhere, was taken in either poland or croatia

nice looking machine, looked like a landini 60 series with different cab, just like the 373-393MF's sold in australia

there was also a american 294, which is different i think, more similar to the 194MF built by landini

if your still hunting for pics of 3050A remeber that are probably in none english speaking countries!

that does effect ya google searching

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3055 was part of the 3005 series, 75hp with an A4.248 engine (same engine as the 3060) The 3065 used the same engine as the 3050 (A4.236) but with a turbo, which just happened to be the configuration used in the 3070. The 3050 was available with a turbo, what does that make it??. Massey specs and model numbers do seem to be a muddle. Just think of the 390T and the 398. 390T, A2.248 turbo engine and 90 hp. 398 A2.236 turbo engine and 93 hp, WHY?????

re the 294S I think we have the siku base model:





but she's advertised as a 294AS!!!!!

here's a 294 that seems to be of MF origin in Italy




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acording to a bepco or bareco catalogue at work, there was a 294, for the US, and the 294s for europe (based on landini 8550)....the first 294 with the silver cab, looks like the 8550, the later one u posted with black cab, looks like a 7860 with a italian made aftermarket cab on it

but no 294as, i reckon its a typo

the 236 was the favoured engine for turbos, because apparently it had a stronger bottom end, ha ha!......i don't know the ins and outs thou........i thought they were similar

i like the  bend piece of spring steel used for the draft control sensing on the toplink of the later 294, i think thats definitly a landini thing,

SAME interesting enough put it on the lower link pins, something modern tractors do, cause of the hp and stress on the toplink housing

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