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Pictures of boys land.

Light Land

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Looking at some of the pictures on here from the UK I often look at the soil and the size of the width of the kit thats been used too work down the ground and think to myself......

"that ground looks as hard as the hob nails of hell"

As my name suggests I've been brought up with easy working soils and would prefer to farm light land with irrgation rather than heavy clay.

Any way here's a few interesting pictures. :)


From pasture to potatoes with out ploughing or de-stoning.

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I see why you changed your name, Ol.  ;D

That looks like lovely stuff.........

It would be a step larning curve for the locals around here if they moved up the road from you John.

Blimey Ol... I bet you don't have many rich plough point makers over there  :o:D :D :D

I reckon Fanny would pull 4 furrows in that  :o:D :D :D

Irragators sell well mind you Marky. :)

blimey it looks almost as if it will blow away, fany could pull 6 furrows in that with ease i would say marky :D

Often wee top dress the paddock with a pinch barley Sean as it grows fast and stops it from blowing,once the onions or carrots are about 3 inch tall you just spray the barley out and it dies away to nothing. :)

That land looks lovelly ol just like a dream to work down, we have land on our main estate that will kill 280hp on only 7 furrow plough :'(

Dry bogging is a problem when ploughing here Phill,exp with a sub soiler.

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Ah cheers for that Ol how does metal on implements wear?  As on any our hill ground its terrible on our light land this spring used a set points on a our press (durafaced points) on just 200 acres

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