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The best 1/32 scale implement ever.

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I'm sitting here trying to come up with an opening line to convey what I think about the new UH Claas Quantum 6800 S Forage Wagon and I really don't know what to say..... it's incredible!

I've just recieved one from G and M models and I'm truly amazed.

I don't have a huge collection of farm models but I've seen plenty on websites and at toy shows but I have never seen anything like this model. The detail knocks my socks off (phew). It is in no way a toy, it's a true farm model.

For those of you who know Ertl's precision line, this is as good. Of particular note are the real floor chains, the spring for the tailgate, the mesh in the tailgate, the super detail around the pickup area-especially the jack stand and the decals.

I'm not telling anyone to buy it but I will say, if you get the chance to see one, take it!

Universal Hobbies rules.....end of story.    :)

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I'm trying to tell myself I can't afford it, or that I shouldn't start collecting UH or it'll never stop, but it aint working........and it looks like it'll hitch to a Britains tractor.........ARGH

But things like this only come around once in a long while (so far) so it has to be done.

Thanks for the pics, unintenionally, you have convinced me

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Pretty sure you're not gonna regret it IHP

HOWEVER.... as for hitching to a Britains tractor, what it's on it in the pictures is the UH Deutz Agrotron TTV 1160.

I tried it on a Britains MF 6290 and it won't fit! The pin on the tractor goes too far up into the top of the tractor hitch jaw. It will, however fit on the New Holland TS 135.

A rule of thumb would be, try the old Britains manure (dung) spreader, the one with the wide elastic band for the floor. If it will hitch up to your tractor, so should your UH forage wagon.

The only knock against the UH forage wagon may be that the grass pickup doesn't lift, it's always in the "down" position.

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Guest quangova

Ive just ordered the Claas Atles 836 & Quantum 6800 set, i didnt intend to go down the UH collection route.... but there so good i'm now up to 9 of the range.. and still growing

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Hi OLD FORD.  I got mine from G and M. I would also try farmmodels.co.uk

I was in a hurry, my wife had relatives coming over and they said they'd bring it with them. G and M answered the 'phone first and posted it to East Yorkshire the same day. Can't beat that.  :)

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