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Volvo FH convo

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With a Scania T-cab to finish and the MAN 6x2 to finish I thought it would be a good idea to start yet another one. .. I'll finish the others one day I ams ure  ::)

Well here she is before we start and here are the donors which are going to help me transform her.  :)



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Yeah it's the airing cupboard room. PC, filing cabinet and workbench. Happy days!!

Well initially my first idea was to mount the Volvo on the MAN chassis - but not stopping there, more alterations would be done. As it happens, the Volvo cab won't take to the MAN chassis so it means the Volvo chassis will be used after all. ... with a lot of help from the Dremel. Just waiting on an email from Volvo  ;)

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tris, i just rubbed the paint work with wet and dry and used halfords primer and gloss as i did with the scania yet the volvo painted fine were as the scania plastic parts reacted and melted??? makes no sence!

you look to be making a huge change to the volvo looking at how you have cut it up :o

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Well, new chassis knocked up and the cab is sprayed in undercoat. As you can see, not a regular chassis  ;D Bit of detailing to do now. The cab will be the last thing to be done now.  :)


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