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BA STORES 5th Annual Working Day Lyne of Skene on May 17 / 18 May 08


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I thought I had advertised this one earlier in the year but maybe got deleted in the recent Spring clean. Anyway the 5th Annual working day is taking place from 9am till 5pm both days on Saturday and Sunday the 17th and 18th May 2008. Loads of working tractors to see and also steam engines and the Scottish County Club and Ferguson Club. There is also a tractor road run on the Sunday forenoon.

I have managed to enlist the help of james T from the forum here as the official FTF photographer for the event. Many thanks for agreeing to do this James and remember no pictures of me attempting to plough unless reasonably presentable ;D ;D

I just heard at the weekend a chap is taking this 45 ton tank which is actually a tank for recovering tanks to the event. Will be nice to see it with the cover off and running. It has two Rolls Royce petrol engines one for traction and one for the winch. It does 4 1/2 gallons to the mile and the carburrettor holds 1 gallon of petrol. I do hope the Grangemouth strike does not effect the running of this monster ;D ;D


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Well less than a week to go before this fine working week end and I'm really looking forward to it and hope we have fine weather like we did at the weekend. I spent quite a bit of the weekend getting prepared for the event. Unfortunately I will not be taking my Nuffield along since the 4 year old batteries have let me down. It didn't start her last week when cold and I had my auto electrician test them and he said they should be ok if fully charged. Tried again on Sunday but not enough power to start from cold. Boost start with jump leads from the car and away she went. Went for a run and put her back into the back of the garage shut her off and then she started no problem when hot. Anyway the last time  I bought two 6 volt batteries they were £ 170 after about 30% discount. Given the price of batteries at present given the high values of scrap I'm not even pricing them. Plan B is to kick into operation. I still have the solid cased batteries which were new in 1978. My auto electrician is going to melt out the cells and leave the cases so we can fit two smaller 12 volt batteries and then wire them up as a 12 volt system. Unfortunately he will not have time to do that before BA so I'll just be taking my French Cub with midmounted mower and my Ransomes TS42A trailing plough. I gave the board and real good buff up yesterday with the angle grinder and one of those flexi sanding / grinding disc so it is now shining. Don't know if that will help the ploughing but if it gets that bad I'll just ditch the plough and try some harrowing or grass cutting ;D ;D.

Anyway for anyone coming along and hoping to see Nuffy well sorry but maybe next year.



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Got my entry numbers through the post yesterday and I got no 12 / 13 and 14 .... oh no I hate No 13 >:(

Phoned the store and No 13 is the Ransome plough.... I feel doomed before I even start...I need cheering up

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Unfortunately James isn't going to make it Tris. Shame really since he is a relly good photographer, As for me I just point and click the thing and what you see is what you get ;D ;D

I'll try my best to get as many pictires as I can in between attempting to plough and doing a bit of grass cutting

I hoping for a good weekend weather wise. Looking at the BBC webpage its says sunny for Saturday and light rain for Sunday. What the hell the show will go on whatwever its just makes it more pleasant for exhibitors and spectators if its dry.

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Shame I am going to miss it Bill

Are you taking the tractors out anywhere else this year?

Oh yes Rob usually do 9 to 10 shows a season.

Next one up will be at Fraserburgh on 1st June which is also hosting the Scottish Champion of Champions event this year.

I'm taking the American Cub CSJ 249 along and dad will be taking the Ransome MG2

I attach a link of all the events


I'm off from tonight till Tuesday so I'll post the ones I will be attending this year then. You never know we may meet up if your are back home and thinking of attending any ???

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Well we have arrived early on the Saturday morning so time for a look around

First up is a 1914 Clayton & Shuttle worth steam engine named "The red Admiral". Looked after by Jock Coutts aka "Auld Jock" who is 85 years young and still plenty of steam in him ;D


A Massey Ferguson 420 from a local dealer


And a MF 6465


An old JD combine


Followed by a Massey Harris combine


Next a Ransomes combine


Some lorries to move the thrashing mill and baler about. A N reg Volvo FH12 and a M reg Scania 143 450


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Next up a visit to the Scotish County Club


A 1971 County 1004 Super 6


A 1964 County Super 4


A Super 6 County


A 1973 County


A 1978 County 1174 in action with a plough



A 1979 County 1174 on duals


A 1963 Ford 6000 Commander



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Well its time for me to have a go at this trailing plough thingy. Well that's all I have time for today folks more of Saturdays and Sundays action tomorrow.






Now its time for lunch

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Oh that ground was rock hard and stoney. Not a nice job in comparison with my neighbour but it cleaned the plough and made Foxy work ;D ;D

I didn't have any weights on the plough at that stage nor did I have a scrifer skimmer or disk so I was battling against the odds but was happy just giving it a go.

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Looks like you had a good weekend Bill.

At least the weather stayed nice for you.

It was super both days Rob. Had a small drizzle shower on Sunday morning but other than that it was quite sunny. People were complaining it was cold in the top part but I was fine where I was down below.

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Oh dear is that a numpty for Bill - the combine is not a JQ but a Volvo or Bamford ;)

Nice selcetion of County's :-*

That poor Corsa must be overburdened with that trailer :(

Oh well you could be right on the combine Colm ... I never looked that close... never heard of a JQ one before though ;D ;D

There is a strong contingent of County's in Aberdeeenshire and I suppose it helps the club is based in the same area too.

That trailer is not really very heavy and it was only carrying the small plough so it wasn't really a problem for the old Corsa and well within legal limits and there were no complaints from dad ;D ;D

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After lunch on the Saturday I had a drive around on the way back to the ploughing area and caught some shots in the static display area.

First up a 1956 MP 6 of which only 197 were ever made.I know of 3 others in Aberdeenshire.



Next a nice little 1938 John Deere model L


Now then a 1954 Albion Chieftan that took the ownwe Edwin 7 years to restore. I was at the roup when he bought this wreck for £ 300 and I was very tempted


Now then husband and wife team Eric & Suzanne Proctor decided to put on a sales stand with their collection of Farmall tractors


From left to right

1967 Int 523


1945 MD

W12 from a third party

1938 W30



Two close ups of a W12 1938 I think which belongs to my auto electrician Harvey Sutherland. harvey is still keen to sell this one to me. It originally belonged in Orkney.



Finally a 1945 Farmall H in working clothes with rotovator attachment


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Now back down to the ploughing area and in past the panning for gold


And also the kids play area for the remote controlled tractors


Now back to my ploughing. The rigs were pre marked out before we started but you will see two furrows to the right well that was caused by a chap in a Leyland who barged in on my rig before I started. he was evicted by the chap who marked out the rigs.

Well the end result of my Satuirdays first attempt with a trasiling plough can only be described as "nae very bonnie". Oh well there is always Sunday. Things can only get better and not worse .... watch this space


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Away for a run to the ploughing area to stake my rig for the day and caught a few statics

First up a tank for recovery tanks. Weighs 45 tons and does 4 1/2 gallons to the mile


Now then I wonder if Tris Knows what this is ??? ???



next up a 1986 MF 200 Drott


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A new rig for today a lot smaller and its downhill





Now I must go and have a speak to my neighbour two up with this rather nice 1972 International and 2 furrow reversible plough



Right an early lunch for me since I been asked to cut some grass and would the believe it I'm the only mowwer here in th 400 odd exhibits

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Whislt having my snack i caught some more

First a 1973 Allis Chalmers Ac7030


Then a Ford with this 7 furrow plough


Following on a 1975 MF 1200 and cultivator


And finally a 1980 MF1505


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Ok its grass cuting time lets hope i can keep this in a straight line ;D




Oh look the tank is in motion and who's that standing and tramping my grass >:( >:(


Now looking to the left there is Mrs BrianIH634 ,Brian himself and son Stevie. Nice meeting up with you at last Brian.

And please please get your IH634 going for next year and bring a mower... I getting worn out trying to farm a big toon like this ;D ;D


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