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What about this then... A 698T by another name... strange

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Hi, yes, a nice one, I think I have it, and there were loads more for the German market. Can't remember all the model numbers off the top of my head but I think there was an MF 1014 as well as the 1004. Lots of collecting possibilities in Germany, Holland, France, Belgium, Sweden, etc. It goes on and on.....

R Day

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Thanks Rory...

I've got the 1014 as well... what I thougth was strange about this one is that it's basically a 698T - strange they called it by a silly long number like that.

We never had the 1014 over here.. I believe it's a landini based model as well  :-\

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I think this might have been for the markets where the 1014 was offered - looks like a smaller model in the range.

What is the date on the back Marky in case LAndini were making them for MF post 1986 as these are effectively the same as a Landini 9880 ;)

Also I thought the 10000S was the same as a 699 ??? similar to a 1014 ???

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Presumably the change in numbering was for two reasons, 1/. to defferentiate between the engines in the 698T and 1004T and 2/. to fit in with the other tractor models then on the German market ie. 1014 1134 etc.

Same engine in the 698T and the 1004T Allis.. both AT4.236 Perkins  :-\ - But I reckon you are spot on with the numbering thing  :-\
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looks like she'ss booted up on 38in & 28in wheels mark , & look see at the front mudguards & rear fender extensions  :P

due to the poor cabs & awfull wether here i wonder if a mint example can be found over in euroland ? would be a great find . any of you german members find one get some pics please.

rory how about a feature on the 600 series , or even a guide to buying a 698 / 698T or 699  ;D

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