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The Angus agricultural show is taking place at Haughmuir Brechin Castle on Saturday the 7th June 2008 and includes a section for vintage and classic tractors. I have never been to this show before and I'm too late for entering this year but I think I have a look down ( only 50 miles / 1 hour down the road). It should be nice to go to a show and actually have time to see what is going on instead of having to bother taking a tractor along ;D ;D  Need to get a new wheel and tyre for my Ifor Williams trailer and there is an IW dealer in that town so I'll be able to kill two birds with one stone.

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Well I went to the Angus show at Brechin on Saturday and had a great time. Was like a beetroot by the time I got home though with all the sun  ;D

Once unload I had a walk round the trade stands

An Agakid 220m on the Mearns Tractor stand


Then a Underhaug tattie lifter on the same stand


Next the D M Carnegie stand and a new Scania R420


Next the A M Philip stand and a Case IH 155 and Welger RP435


And then a Challenger


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Now there was also a truck show on

First up Scania row from D M Carnegie of Laurencekirk


A Scania R560 Of Netherton Tractors


Next a Scania 143M 500


An then a Foden from J&A Hedley of Ellon


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Now on to Nicol of Skene's line up. Shame about teh Scania T cab drilling unit... it couldn't be there as it was working on a bore job at Porthlethen


The Scania R580 and the proprietor derek Nicol had teh following logo on the bacl ( didn't get photo)

Built by a Swede driven by a neep


Next a Scania R480 8 wheeled tipper


Now on to Doug Mitchells row


Liked this one on the back of Doug's sons Clive one... A true Scotsman   ;D ;D


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Bill your spoiling us great pictures  :)

More to come Mark... I'm downlaoding and posting to get space so I can go and get shots of the North East of Scotland Commercial Vehicle Road run later on this Afternoon. Just called my pal and they are currently near Huntly at the Transport Cafe

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Now back to the vintage stuff the main reason I was here was to get free entry to the show with my 1951 International Famall Cub CSJ 249

I was placed first in Class 10 Vintage Tractors ( petrol / paraffinn ) 1900 - 1957 which was sponsored ( for rossettes) by D & A Motor factors Forfar.

In addition I picked up the George Tawse perpetual Shield for best petrol / paraffin tractor in show



Another Cub was there and it was a 1955 French one exhibited by Tracey Low of Forfar... a new restoration. Unfortunately it arrived late and missed the judging. I'm sure it would have got a placing though... never mind there is always next year




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Now on to the other prize winners / placings in the petrol parafinn class

Second place went to a ferguson TED exhibited by Garry Birse of Forfar


Third went to a 1940 John Deere B form Scott Macfarlane


Forth went to a 1956 Ransome MG6 and tattie lifter from Alex Witon


Now either 5th or 6th I can't remember  :-[ went to a 1954 BMB President from Sandy Brockie


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Now on to Class 2 Classic Tractors 1965 onwards sponsored by Sandy Kydd Transport

First was a David Brown Selectamatic 880 from Neil Reid


Second a 1976 MF 135 from Donald Buist


and Third a 1967 International 434 from Scott Macfarlane


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Other tractors which caught my eye but didn't feature in the placings were

A 1938  MM Twin city JTS from Bill Orr of Finavon


A 1943 Fordson Rotaped from Alan Smith Arbroath


A 1986 David Brown 1294 C400 YTS from Neil Reid


A late entry a lovely Cat D7


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Now on to the Vintage Commercial Section

First place went to this lovely 1962 Austin Pick Up exhibited by Colin Milne of Dundee


Colin also was showing his 1960 bedford CA van but it wasn't even placed  :(


I didn't manage to get alll the placings in this section but another one to catch my eye which was unplaced was this 1956 Albion from Messrs Norrie and Johnston


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Great pictures from thr tractors. Also some very nice trucks.


Thanks Texas... now I got the pictures downloaded I'm off to see if I can get some shots of the North East Of Scotland Commercial Vehicle Road Run as they return to Aberdeen

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Super pics Bill... thanks for taking the time to post them up for us mate...

Loving the Masseys (no surprise there then) ... But I have to say... the fendt's seem to get uglier as they go up the range in size... that huge one is pretty hideous to look at

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your camera must be on fire  :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

great pics


Well Robbo I had to come in past work on the way to the Commercial vehicle road run to download them to make space but the road run from my point of view wasn't very good :( Never mind I post up what I got in a separate topic.

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