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sellinge steam speical THE LAST ONE EVER


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Okay, this week end its the sellinge steam speical, very good there but they had a big bust up last year and the 2  or the or oganisers (who where brothers) had a big fight and endded up in hospital :o

So lots of people wont be going this year but it hopfully will still be good

there will be demonstrations with tractors, scammels etc  last year they hooked 32 trucks together and pulled them with 2 scammel exsplores

Anyway we will be there with our mf 165  and i will have my old wheelhorse there

I think its £7.00 adults and £5.00 kids over 5 under 5 free

The is usaly a bloke there with loads of farm models forsale too

Its sellinge nr ashford kent  pm for more details

I think this year will be the last one ever due to the bust up last year  ::) :'(

Anyone going to go  ???;)

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might see you there , got an aunt that lives in the village

cool, look out for a mf 165 a old wheel horse garden tractor or a white landy 110 as in land rover topic if you see them we will be near so come and say hello  ;):) :) :) :) :)

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nice pice there mate

i know 1 of the birch brothers and some of that army stuff might be a mate of mine from appledore

Would that be Mark by any chance, he is the one with the abbots and the tank transporters acctually all of it was apart from the pioneer and a few other bits ;):)

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