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Cereals 2008 (link to photos added)


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You'll just need an FSWEEPY and an FSUE to go with that then James  ;)

Don't give up the day job Simon :o:D :D

Cheers Gav ::) for your support, I was thinking if i win overall why don't you give me a presant for doing so well, like say a beet harvester?????? ;D ;D ;)

Give.......a........present.....erm can you explain what that is please, unsure on the meaning of give ;D:D :D

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I took 1 or 2 photos while there on wednesday so i thought i would just put a link to the whole lot in my photobucket albumn instead of posting here as there was a total of 253 covering just about everything there :D :D :D


Just uploaded some more as i hadnt noticed that the first 40 odd were missing ::) ::):D

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