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Concrete floor effect



A bit different to Tris's polyfilla idea but this is my way of making concrete flooring.

First off Materials needed:

1. Some or one can of white stone effect. About £7.99 from a good DIY shop.

Some cement powder. Try asking at the DIY store if they have any split bags or ask a local builder for some.

Also, you will need somewhere to concrete.


2. Next spray the stone spray onto the area but BE CAREFUL AS THIS STUFF DOES SPLASH EVERYWHERE.


3. Spray onto the area then sprinkle (a bit thinner than I have, maybe use your mum or wife's sieve???) the cement powder over the paint.


4. ONCE QUITE DRY rub the cement powder into the paint but make sure it is dry enough, probably about an hour at least.


5. Once dry you will be able to blow or brush the majority off the unused cement powder and then you may have to rub the last bit into the painted are but you should be left with something like this:


6. Get rid of that last bit and this is what you have left:


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I was thinking as you are so good at it ;) but i suppose that takes the fun out of it . I'm going for a different approch grey paint then a liberal covering of grey scatter material to give a nice finish but smoother looking (nothing worse for the staff than sweeping a corn store with a rough floor)

I may borrow your method for the yard will look good.

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looks great Jez, similar in away to how i did my first small barn floor, sprayed grey then covered with railway scatter.....soon removed it though!!!

oh are your columns the new ones fixed with skyhooks! :D :D

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its the new B&Q in waterford so it shouldnt be out of stock it wasnt in the plasticote range and ive no wilkinson near me nor have i heard off them jez what part of the store was it in or was it near anyhting in particular ??? thanks for your help lads

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