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tm810's second generation marstons

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been tinkering with the marston convo's i do,and have a new tailgate ,allows tipping and use of the grain shoot ,or the full opening of the back gate,tailgate is fully scratch built,as i found no too  marstonn bodys are exactlly the same width belive it or not??,still got to add the usual decals and hoses,but wondered what you all think so far



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i like it TM, looks a lot better!!, :) :) :) :) can i send my others back for an upgrade when the new ones come up here? ??? ??? :)

i wish i could mate,but all the holes are in different positions unfortunattly compared to the origonals,i don't think there will be enough metal in the right areas to hinge the new tailgate,i will double check though,next stage is to make a self opening rear door for the silage ones i do

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