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Down At Berrys Farm


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Here are a few pics of my attic where my new farm will be located.

The farm will be primarily a suckler cow herd that will rear pedigree Holstein claves for the farm itself and for well whoever wants a good bull or maiden heifer.  It is quite a small farm of about 30 acres but will expand as necessary.

You may be thinking that the suckler cow herd will not keep a few men occupied all day everyday, i think that too that is why the farm has its own contracting business that carries out silage, slurry, maize, ploughing, sowing and muck spreading.

Well here are the pics of the roofspace now tomorrow night ill add the grass for the fields etc.



heres a few of the outfit ill be using for the contracting business




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All in good time BERRY!! I like the look of your NH T7060 with the Claas mowers!! ;)  Thats a tidy outfit!! Is it one of Freds conversions??

no it isnt one of freds mate TM190 on here done it

looks good not to sure about the float on the jd for the tanker haha nice models though ;)

yes i know about that muzza theres rear floats coming for her soon  ;) ;)

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I cant see any photos ???is it just me ???

its only after doing that too me too i closed the window and opened it again and it seemed to work painter

nice one berry good start il be watchin this carefully  ;)

cheers john

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great start to your layout mate  :)

Good stuff, another one starts it's progression into a layout. Keep at it Berry, you'l never know where it will end up.  :)

cheers guys hopefully somewhere like yours tris  :D :D

done a bit more to the shed today added and the divider in the shed, one upright and one trus to the shed for a lean to for bales/ combine storage/ cubicle house not sure which yet any ideas  ??? ??? :-\ :-\

heres the pics



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went up there today again and finished off the shed that i started last night just a britains one added a cubicle house to the lean-to and another lean to to the other side! also pjut the silo in place and the big shed in place. made a small field which will park up a few trailers and mabe a few cows will run in it  :) :)






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