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New milking parlour at my uncles farm


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Nice Dan!!

Will he be re fitting the parlour or keeping the existing one?

Silly question  i know!!

the new parlour will be built next to the old 1 with the diary unit at the front of the building.  when all the set up is running, the old parlour will be knocked down and having a bull pen, AI pens, office.

the shed over the silage pit will be converted into a calf shed

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some impresive buildings there dan have you any pics of the big one behind where the cows are standing? what size/make of parlour is going up?

the parlour being fitted is a delaval with a pit dug big enough for a 16/32 but starting out with a 12/24 ready for expasion at a later date.

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the view from the front

from right to left is as follows

Bulk tank room

Wash room (Middle Door)

Office and processing room

Still to be added Isolation pen (walls not built yet)



fibreglassing top coat still needs to be done


door leading from office to washroom


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nice update dan nice pics  ;)is that a fullwood parlour going in the cleared ground is for new building

a de-lavel is going to be put in.  the old parlour will get dismantled and knocked down and AI pens, collecting yard etc will go in its place.  Its been done so that it is all contained in the 1 shed just to make the working day a bit more efficient.

the cleared ground i believe is for implements and things. at the moment they take up valuable shed space and it was waste ground there before.

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