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Boxing off onions.

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Designed my own onion harvestor capable of filling box's on the go too save boxing them off back at the yard.

Area per hour is lower this way but overall time spent with the high risk crop is lower as the crop can go to the packer as it comes ready.

Working off-set to the tractor the onions are lifted out of the windrow by the accelerater mounted at the front over the main web.

Filling the box is controlled by powered rollers so the box can be moved from left to right on the go ensuring the box's are well filled.

There is provision for a worker too safely stand next to the box as it's being filled,from there wee pozzy they can throw out stones as they come in with the onions and move the box/level the box off and in general keep an eye on things.

The JCB is busy chasing the harvestor swaping full box's for empty box's.



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The silver pipes on wheels are a NZ type of irragtor called a "side shift" it's basicly pipes that can be rolled over the crop by hand or with the power from a small motor.Sprinklers fixed to every pipe create a fine mist over the crop.

Rain guns are to hard on crops like onions.Spending time moving this over the crop a few times a day pays for itself with earlyer watering and a more uniform crop.

The down side to them is they are not easy to move into another paddock so often they are just set up in 1 paddock and rolled out of the way like you can see in the picture.

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You Jammy ... Drag me back on here just for these pics, I love them ol, that side shift is aussome, this is a realy nice i love it, maybe my team should ditch silage and go for root crops ;)

Keep the pics coming mate

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thought it was mate, not seen a green one before just the red ones on his site, may have to invest in one at toytrac?? or next spalding

It's in "whulmaus" colours Sean,As the early onion lifters they came out with look very much like Dave's wee model.

The model is basic but well made/put together,I'll add a few we extras to it in time no doubt.

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Flipping hec Ol... That's simply stunning mate.. I'm loving it in the extreme - very realistic - It's like a scene from one of my growers..

NZ Onions just can't be beaten as well...

As Tris said... that should be set up as a permenant scene somehow.. it's too good to take to bits again  :-\

Thanks for sharing

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