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Has anyone noticed how they used the prototype picture of the JD 6920 for ages in the catalogue ( maybe they still do?), with a horrible green plastic cab :-\. It put me off buying one for ages when they came out, until I saw some photos of the production version, with the proper black frame. They could do with taking a look through their catalogue now and again :D


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Guest Fendt pwr

I wonder if siku would come on here to chat with us?,or maybe they've only got time to fly over from germany for a sit down conversation in person.I sure would like to thank siku for all the wonderfull fendt models they have put out over the years.And then ask siku if the new grimme planter they're bring out will be the frist of a new line of potatoe gear from grimme or just a one off model.

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i think it might be  a good idea to send a letter to them saying how much we like there models like what we did with Britains but in reverse and invite them to join us on the forum i am studying leisure and tourism at school and people soon send a letter to complain but not so happy to send one to thank you for the service you have given them it might put them in a good view of joining us rich  o and the 6920 in this years booklet has a green cab to

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