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1:32 Scale Claas Jaguar 60 SF...

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Date was entertaining - she's really smart, clued up and switched on, gopd career in the Civil Service and even laughed at my jokes but alas, she didn't set my pulse racing. However, we've planned to meet up again after Christmas and it may turn out to be one of those slow, smouldering fuse situations.... ;)

However, to the business in hand. Not happy with this so far, but for what it's worth here it is...



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Hmmm - good question. I don't really know anything about green harvest stuff, you just don't see it in Suffolk - just wall to wall Lexions (which is just fine with me!) so any input from you guys is very welcome.

Looking up on the shelves in the office here, I have three Claas Jaguars in my collection (and 12 different Claas combines!) which are a Britains Powerfarm Jag 6xx with a pick up header, a Siku 695 with a whole crop header and a Norscott 900 Speedster with the Orbis (?) RU600 auto contour header.... So I was thinking of going for this header;


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ooop's i maybe dropping a spanner in the works till i saw it again the machine i'm thinking of is a late different model an SF70 i managed to go in the direction of the farm i knew had one unfortunately he only has the one he breaks for spares the good one is at a farm i cant ner to with an artic

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