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MF 3070

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well finally decided to build my 3070, with a good look at TM810's version from a few years back i set to it  :)

started with a BRITAINS 6140, TIMS 4260 & a metal version ROS 3070

now the work starts ! all broken down into parts

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first off, time to get the wheels to fit the britains chassis by hand drilling to accomadate the fixings

unfortunatly due to the rear axle on the chassis & the way the tims wheels are moulded they dont fit 

so then ensues a frantic phone call to sean telling him it's all his fault & he owes me a britains 6140 a tims 4260 & a metal ros 3070 >:(:D

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after calming down & a chat with sean , a few options are banded about & the front wheels from an old 362 are found to do the job

lots of dremmeling & sanding later the problem is sorted of a fashion

wheels fitted , now ready for the bodywork to start

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nice one mate, worth getting the wrong chinese meal last night seeing as i was talking to you about this :D :D

well not like yer going to waste away is it mate  ;)

very nice mjb  :) good work  :) is it hard to get those ros 3070's  ???

not really mate but they are getting quite pricey :(

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Lovley work there Marcus, looks spot on to me. :)

thanks mate , few more years & i'll be almost your standard  :)

Looks spot on me to mate,love the paint finish  :o;)

looks ok doesn't it , even if tris does have a point about the front wheels , ahh if anyone asks they're oversized tyres on small wheels ! as for the paint finish , i can't take credtir for that mate it's how it came out of the box , metal see , the plastic version doesn't shine really , a very dull finish

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