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massey ferguson 699

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been working on this on and off now for a while, think the only pics have been the odd one in the woirkbench topic, but now the jd's near as done i have been back on her, uh celtis chassis with my resin cab bonnet and arches, britains 595 front grill modifyed with slats ect, mirrors of the uh mc105's i break up for other parts, pma rear hitch, just got to sort resin front weights for her




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couple of her with the 690 for size comparison. only got the cab glazing to sort plus decals, and the weights



next to the replacement size wise from mf the 3125


and a lovley grain hauling trio for the future, nothing like the red and marston blue hauling combo i recon


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cheers lads, its nice getting back onto the reds i must say, they seem alomst natural to me making them, where as the greens just didnt flow that well  ??? ??? ,got something else started to now, another mf, and also got new wheels and bits for the 698t i have, which will be updated once i get done

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cheers lads, its nice i must say being back on home turf, the 698t i have is the 690 size version, so short wheelbased one, same as we had ,got a nice set of uh zetor wheels for that now, and they look good, so bit of rework and thats my 3 for the layout, although i have considered a secong 690, but with a mf80 laoder at some point,

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