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Vervaet Hydrotrike ( allso the XXL ! )

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the lates adition to my collection. a Verveat Hydrotrike '08 model. this model is completly hand build exept the claas cab and the tires. this model is build bij R. v.d. Veen also from Holland. what do you guys think of it?






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Stunning! Hell of a build, the man knows what he is doing. Do you know what the tyres are off?

Will it have an injector on the back of it at some stage?

very nice piece of kit i have an older hand built version made by meno terr horst- forgive me if i have spealt the name wrong just going from memory ???;D
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a vervaet hydrotrike is a pritty popular machine on holland. you could take a look at www.vervaet.nl there are a lot of cool photos of the hydrotrike as wel.

there wil be an injector behind this vervaet. but i still need to build it  ;)

thanks for all the replys !

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Very nice.

Are the pipes going to the wheel hubs, for lowing the pressure for soft ground.

I no there is a company called Tireboss in usa that you can buy kits like that for

Trucks mainly, for oilfield work mainly i think.

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Arr, thanks mate.

Not sure why you would have it on the trailer too though? I know it would stop it sinking but it would produce more drag to if it was hard but slippery on top. I guess you just have to know when to lower the pressur.

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it costs a lot money, one of the models. but you get a great hand build model for it. I'm glad i have it in my collection now ;)

Here 2 photo's of the 1:1 models my 1:32 Vervaets are based on:

The hydrotrike from contractor "Weco de hondsrug"


The XXL from contractor "H. van Oosten"


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Wowsers!! I bet they cost a fortune but like you say, hand built. You have to pay a craftsman for his hands. Excellent models. Does he use the Norscot Jag 880 cab?

Also, will the builder be making you an injector for the XXL like in the photo of the real one?

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your right, Richard uses the cabs of the norscot jaguar 880 spfh. i think the cabs look rather good on those vervaet models

He only builds the machines them selfs. He doesn't build injectors. I gues i nee to have a go on a injector myself. I also bought a nother Vervaet for my collection, A 2010 model with the 19m3 tanker.

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