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rlt's collection

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Various implements: (left to right) Agrisem Disc O Mulch 6M;  Väderstad Carrier CR500;  Lemken Zirkon 10/300;  Prosol P4.180  &  Amazone Catros 3001.  rlt

nice collection, good to see the Disc o and carrier side by side ;):) :)

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Very impressive collection your building up there RTL, very nicely displayed with all the implements too. :) Nice to see a few familiar items like some of the ones I have in my own collection, especially 1:16 scale Ford 7740, I think they're a decent chunky and solid model that really look the part. Having seen yours i'll definitely have to lay my hands on a Norscot Cat Challenger to sit alongside the Claas version I have at some point.

Just out of interest what do think of the Prestige series John Deere 9330S?

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Many Thanks walterderwent!  Your collection encompasses many avenues of intrest, fine work indeed putting it together.  There would appear to a be a common thread between our collections for sure.

Thank you RTL, appreciate your kind words, there certainly seems to be quite a few themes that exist in both of our collections, the only thing i'm missing is all the implements that you have gathered together. :)

The JD9330 is the best out of the JD9*30 range.  The price is affordable and you get a lot for your money compared to the other models of the same frame.  Things to look for are chipped paint on the rims (insert caps) it comes off easy, of the two I have only one articulates completely, the decals were straight on the one that didn't articulate completely.  I still would buy one if you are in the market, with a easy made hitch adapter you can pull anything for the most part.  If you really want a good 4WD, get yourself a STX450.  I know it's not a well like model but it would look smart with your other Case IH 4WDs.  Hope you don't mind I threw my 2 cents in at the end! :)

Thank you for the information regards the 9330. It was one of many models that I so nearly bought on my trip to Spalding toy fair earlier in the year and having had a look at the one you own reckon it would look good alongside the single wheeled 9530 I have in my collection. I don't mind at all mate, and fully agree a precision STX450 would look very nice alongside the rest of the big Case IH tractors, especially the 9150 I have. :)

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