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Orange Shawnee/Rear Dump tipper


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I won this on Ebay recently:





I think it might be a pre-production version but the only orange-bodied one I can find is in the 1992 catalogue and that has the plain black chassis and no decals. As I understand it, the last use of the "Shawnee" decal was in 1987 on the blue one with 6600 tyres sold with the Massey 2680. The Rear Dump briefly ceased production, only to come back (by popular demand?) in 1992-1995 with black chassis and a green/orange body. Only other explanation I can think of is this one was taken off the black chassis and put on the old red chassis, though I don't think that can be done without breaking it (and there are no visible break/scuff marks on this one).

Does anyone else have one similar to this?

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So its maybe a bitsa....hope you did not pay over the odds for it CMB

Only £15 in total Bill.

I'm pretty sure it's not an Autoway shell Sonny because those are much brighter yellow than this :-\

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I agree it's a marriage of two models. Look how worn the chassis is compared to the dumper. If they were together as new the dumper would show more signs of wear also.

I did clean the dumper up  :D

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There was a orange body one produced , pretty rare to but for the life of me can't remember what the chassis colour was , but I  have a picture on a website at home so will check , gut reaction is it should be black mind

Yeah the chassis are black and there's a photo in the 1992 Britains catalogue.

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I bought one of these red chassis jobs a few weeks ago. The skip appears to be the same colour as the Autoway tractors etc so can only presume that it was made using up some parts left over from Autoway production as per the yellow Bauer tanker variation. Usual Britains practice! The blue and red Rear Dump was still available after the demise of the Autoway series.

mreyder your trailer looks to be the same orange colour as the Road Series models. How does it compare against the Dynapac roller or others from this series?

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Although a late reply I can confirm that this is not the correct Orange body.  I am aware of only one true Orange bodied one inthe UK.  BRITAINS produced a few probably for launch at the London Toy Fair, but then decided green was more attractive as a toy.  They then followed their practice of disposing of the Orange models in Holland where you will find several collectors have aquired one.

I wonder what their auction value is now?

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