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Hesston 4900 (finished)

Ok Witch tactor do think will pull the 4900  

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  1. 1. Ok Witch tactor do think will pull the 4900

    • The Magnums
    • JD 4850
    • Fiatagri G 240
    • New Holland 8970

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Did not think about the G240, that would look SWEET as well, still the Magnum it is for me  ;D

I will try the both for you buddy  ;)

Good pick,give that man a beer.

I will give that man a beer when i am i the south part of Sweden Ol  :D

Cheers Jack  :)

that looks great it has to be the john deere they were just made to pull those balers

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none of the above pete, wheres the mf 82 or 84 to give it some real power  ;D ;D ;D  looks a nice model so far mate, what ros parts are left in there then? looks like the tow hitch at least

Thanks Sean

Yea your right about the tow hitch and then a part of the front (frame) to keep the weight. And a small parts on her back  ;)



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Speaking of Massey Ferguson tractors Pete..............Here's what you should build to put on the front of the big Hesston.............and then send them both to me to look after.  ;D:P


...However i'm sure it will look equally impressive yoked to any of those fantastic five. The Magnums get my vote, great work again Pete. :)

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