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some pics from cordon farming company


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here is some pictures from where i work its a farm based in perthshire and fife growing wheat oats osr and potatoes we run 4 tractors that the farm ownsthey are a jd 6810,6920,7720 and 8345R we also run a jd c670i combine with a 30 ft cut

here is some pictures our new manitou we got it second hand with 600 hours on it

our spraying set up is either the 6920 or the 6810 with the jd 832 sprayer which is 25 metres

alsoa pic of the new dual wheels for the 8345R we got them for front and back





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i dont know exactly how many acres there is as its over 3 farms il find out

there is 2 full time tractor drivers alan and john then there is michael and stuart who own the place and i work there part time when im not at college

my jobs are just general stuff sub soiling,carting grain, grubbing, rolling, shifting boxes, rotovating just whatever im needed to do

the fertiliser spreader we have set to spread 25 metres and the hopper holds 2 ton or something like that il find out exactly when im working next on friday

here is some more pics of it



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not updated for a bit been busy with yard work and getting stuff ready for planting tatties were getting a new grain shed put in so had diggers and all that going here some pics from throughout the week willl update it a bit more as wer going onto start planting tatties tommorow

here is some pics of the 6810 on the rotovator and algos digger and roller preparing the base





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