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Fraserburgh 20th Vintage Rally Sunday 5th June 2011


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Today I attended the 20th vintage rally as a spectator and left my tractor at home only returning the cup I won last year. The weather was good and managed to grab a few photos.

First inside the exhibition hall Jim Staton was exhibiting a Volvo 1/16 scale model he made from an Italian kit before his interest turned to cranes.






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In addition Jim had a model lorry of the long gone Aberdeen fish haulier Charles Alexander. The model had a sleeper cab but  Jim cut it back and made it a day cab.



Albert Irvine was there as well with some of his cranes and heavy haulage complete with flashing lights.



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Ally Murray was there with some of his lorries from long gone Aberdeen hauliers such as Charles Alexander, Munros and George T Fraser.

The early days of Charles Alexander and the darker blue.


The next livery.


And then the next



They even had some livestock floats which I was unaware about.


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And another local firm no longer in existence Lawson's of Dyce which had a killing house and used to produce bacon and other pork related products. The factory was locally known as the "Hamer"


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Outside to the tractors where there were a large number of Zetors but then there was a dealer Stanley Partridge in the area. I have heard some folk say these were the "Lada's" of tractors however I have heard others say the big Chrystals took a bit of beating when it came to grip and pulling power :-\ :-\







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Some very nice models and real machines you've captured there Bill. Absolutely loving the model of the orange Volvo F-12, stunning piece of work. As for the tractors what a fantastic line up of Zetors, some very nice classic restorations there. Must say my favourite though has to be the International B-450 with Scottish Aviation? cab fitted, lovely looking tractor. :)

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Thanks David. The B450 looked good but spoilt perhaps with the new wings in undercoat......maybe a little weatehring is required ;) ;)

I think it was the cab drew me to it Bill. It's always really nice to see tractors such as the B-450 fitted with period cabs and aside from those wings it looks in great original condition. :)

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Yes David it is nice to see as original examples as possible. Years ago people would have said repaint but now I think people are tending just to degrease and clean up fairly original examples which is nice.

With those wings having been renewed I would still be tempted to weather them ;) ;)

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Yes it was a nice day Erik. I'm not sure the manufacturer of the Thames Traders but I will try and remember and ask the exhibitor the next time I see him. I suspect he only got them painted in the livery of G T Fraser a fish carrier in Aberdeen. This chaps collection of lorries is mainly of Aberdeen hauliers that have now ceased trading. The 6 cylinder Fordson was a nice looking conversion.

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