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Stehos's literature collection... every thing blue and more


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Now it's time to show all of you some nice additions and also items I already have. I collect everything from Ford and Fordson and conversions etc. Not limited to brochures, but also manuals, books and other memorabilia  :P .

With currently scanning my entire collection of more than 2,000 pieces brochures and now about half way  :-\ .

Here some rare German New Holland brochures.





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and here i was thinking - New Holland was no part of your collection. I have never seen these type of brochures before.. guess i have to check german ebay?

Sorry Wil that I've misled you  :-[ . The biggest part of my collection is Ford and Fordson and occasionaly a rare New Holland. Not the bread and butter ones but mostly country specific ones like the german ones from ebay germany.

This one came to me last week from Denmark:


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What a great County brochure you've got there!, never seen that one before. It is in danish I think? I hope so otherwise I have to add this one to my wish list  ;)

The problem with wislists are they expand more then they get fewer items. :of

the number under picture says 754 the tractor is a sure six force1004 or 1124

The tractor in the front is a force 1124, but the specs includes the 754 and 1124. According to the printcode of 7102, it is likely from 1972.

Very nice Jack, one I have not seen!

Thanks Andy, first time for me also. Probably because it was printed in Denmark instead of in Fleet.

Here are additonal pictures of the centerspread and the specs on the back  ;D .



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A couple of Danish Fordson items from 1954.

A booklet on the Fordson Major diesel tractor, explaining how the diesel engine works. Also included a sectional picture of the tractor and spec's. The other item is the pricelist of this tractor.

A diesel Major was 13,600 kronen, the county full track was 32,500 kronen  :of  . The Roadless halftrack 20,200 kronen.



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No, I was on Texel for that weekend and last weekend we were in Belgium. Staying in a very nice B&B and sunday to Plopsaland  :D . Also tried to visit a NH dealership but it was closed for the weekend  :( .

Anyway, while counting my brochures  :of  found these nice German Austrian and Belgium ones.





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Already finished counting  ;) . Two weekends off, nice! Good to see in your collection are the many brochures from all countries, how many diffent countries are present in your collection?

Sorry, no two weeks off  :-\ , but away for two weekends  :) .

There are more than 20 different countries of origin in my collection.

great finds! the Ford 8600-9600 Dutch brochure must be quite rare?

so how far did you get with counting?

The 8600 en 9600 is actually a belgium one, so released by Ford Antwerp. I'm not sure if there ever was a real dutch one issued by Ford Amsterdam.

Count so far is approx. 2,200 pcs but could be a bit more. Two third of that amount is for brochures until 1996 (Ford, Fordson, Ford New Holland and County, Roadless etc.). The remainder is for New Holland ones.

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@ Ronald: thanks for the picture, so another one to be on the look out for  :D just looked through my list (63 pgs.) and saw I have it also  ;D ;D ;D

@ Mark: chin up: they are just blue ones  ;) , and I did not count the MF ones I also have  ;D ;D ;D

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there are quite a few versions from these brochures around, The 1981's are the earliest, up to 1983 and some are 2wd or 4wd, so as i know you collect all versions like me, there is quite a lot of them!!! Luckily these are probably the easiest to find from the '80's..

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Some older US style Ford 8600 and Ford 9600 found a place in my binders. Also a brochure on the cab for these tractors was a great find  :D . There are some more early seventies brochures and buyer's guides arrived, so watch this space.




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For my Roadless part of the collection this Roadless 95 brochure came lately. Together with the 94T and 115/120 brochure, they form a part of the range from late 1972. I guess there's also a 75 version, but that one is on my list.




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Very nice Roadless series you've got there! Are these of thick paper, because they look like magazine adverts... (I left one once for that reason  :'(  on Ebay). I've never seen the 75 version of this series, of course that doesn't mean it does not exist  ;)

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Ronald, these brochures are printed on thick paper, so definately no magazine adverts.

Below some new additions:

the Tailered Traction is from 1955 (AD-6143 455100) and shows how to get most out of the tractor with wheel weights, liquid filled tyres etc.

The Ford industrial loader is printed in 1956 (AD-6411 95650) and show various pictures of the tractor and loader in action.

And finally:

A early front wheel drive conversion by Elenco. Brochure is from around 1958 and shows the early days of driven front wheels.




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Finally found time to get scanning again :D  and in the coming weeks will show all of you my latest additions.

First the two brochures that are the best purchases of the year and at a great price also  ;D . Thanks Peter for helping me out  :D .

This one is the original version of the one supplied with the Doe edition of the Universal Hobbies Doe 130:


And also the Smithfield show brochures (what year?):


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Found these brochures at the Zwolle show and are all of them from Belgium in dutch. The Antwerp division of Ford Motor Company also released brochures in french, but these are hard to come by :'( . These one fill up another gap in my collection.

1977 Ford 7700:


1980 Ford 1700 (170010/79/B1.0m/R9/80):


1981 Ford 4110/4610 (4110-4610/06/81/B-NL):


1981 Ford 5610 2pgs (5610/06/81/B-NL):


1981 Ford 5610 8pgs (5610/06/81/B-NL):


1981 Ford 6610 2pgs (6610/06/81/B-NL):


1981 Ford 6710 2pgs (6710/06/81/B-NL):


1981 Ford 7710 2pgs (7710/06/81/B-NL):


1988 Ford Generatie III (19019/4CYL/BR/BNL/321):


1992 Ford serie 30 2pgs (19088/3CYL/SS/BNL/321):


1993 Ford serie 30 16pgs (19088/3CYL/SS/BNL/32):


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