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Wil's aka Fordcrazy - literature collection (Ford, NH, Versatile & others)

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about time to join up with the literature collection updates on here  ;)

so here are the latest brochures that arrived. (Still a bunch held up in Canada(postal strikes there) and America(with friends) and one rare item is held by a not to be specified well known literature collector of the red kind in the UK :-*:of;D ).

a couple of Versatile brochures from the early eighty's

Versatile 1150 - 1981 Canada

Versatile 756 - 1985 Canada

Versatile designation 6 - 1984 Canada

Versatile 276 bi-directional - 1984 Canada





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and finally some Sperry Rand - New Holland brochures:

heavy duty forage harvesters (with the self propelled 1880) - 1967 USA

and an equipment type i was not aware of that it existed , a baler with flail pickup attachment for corn (it cuts, chops and bales cornstalks)

Baler Flail Pickup attachment - 1968 USA (for hayliner balers 268,269 and 275)



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  • 2 weeks later...

not everything has arrived yet (by far).

I do like the Dearborn equipment brochures quite a bit and have about a hundred of them so far. But there are loads of them made. Especially between 1947-1950..

my latest additions are for my collection some first additions of the type...

1. New Holland Boomer 8N - (USA 2009, revamped modernised Ford 8N, quite a looker ;) ).

my first roadless brochures i have been able to add finally...

2. Roadless 120 (J-series)

3. Ploughmaster 78 Export model (J-series)




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the Doe test result report is about a test performed on 3 Doe "Triple D" tractors that were intensily followed on 3 test locations with different ground types and equipment hooked to it. They followed them for over 2000 hours and kept an eye on performance, maintenance  and technical prestations.

today i received a whole bunch of mainly 1950's USA Ford equipment brochures


Ford 6-foot combine (1955)


Ford Hay Balers - 250-series (1955)


Ford Wheel Type Disc Harrows (1957)


Ford Front & Rear Blades (1958)


Ford Field Cultivator - series 117 (1958)


Ford 1-row pull-type Corn Harvester (1958)


Ford Side Mounted Mowers (1956)


Ford Danuser All Purpose Blade (1949)


Ford 2-row Covington Planter (1954)

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and more brochures arrived. This time all US AD-coded brochures about the Ford Rotary Cutter(s).

With these and the previous AD-coded brochures and the ones i already have, i am getting more convinced that there are atleast 4000 AD-coded Ford brochures out there! This code has been used from 1947 up to 1987 and some years suggest that there were atleast 200 brochures that year, but an average of 100 is more likely i think..










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Probably not Ronald ;) i have about 18 in my collection dating 1956 up to 1987 but doubtless i am still missing a few...

Spec Sheets seem not to have been issued with the brochures in America like in Europe. For example the 10-series brochures all had specsheets with the same code as the brochures in the UK and in the Netherlands (and probably more european countries), That is not the case with brochures/spec sheets in America though.

some more brochures have arrived

Roadless 98K


Ninety-Five - 100 (based on the Ford 5000)


a rare brochure of a rebadged model. Fiat 44-28 made by Versatile! The Versatile 875 originally. 


and here is one you dont see very often. Am thinking this was produced only for the American market and was launched around the same time as the *600-series in 1976, around 1980 this tractor already disappeared from the catalogs and was likely replaced by the ford 1000-series(as the americans called it) iow : 1100,1200,1500,1700.


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good to know they are offered on a regular basis, i have thus far never come accross these, but apparently that has to do with never using the Fiat name in my searches ;)

@ Ronald: Too bad you got rid of the Dutch versions, hope i'll be able to add them at some point to the collection that is expanding in all directions lately with Muir-Hill,Ninety-Five & Roadless brochures that i didnt collect at first..

There are still a lot of brochures on their way to me, some held up for a couple of months at some friends place, some recently swapped and expecting to arrive soon. I should be getting around 150 brochures in the coming month or so, so hope to show them on here when i have been able to scan them  ;D

now you have to do with my latest additions/arrivals

all from Turkey, the T480 is a really strange modelnumber that i havent been able to place at a specific T*-series yet..










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Nice collection Wil... I still have that brochure for you at home here in the UK.... contaminating my MF collection as we speak  >:(:P

Plus I have one more gift for you... but it's still a secret...

can you wait until Zwolle now ???  :-[

I've never been good at making it to the post box  :-[

Now.... do you (or any of my other brochure nutters buddies) know of any specialist shows in France for brochure collectiors like us ???

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although reluctantly ;) i can wait till Zwolle, no problem!

One very interesting brochure in your collection then.. lovely blue as well ;)

I might have some interesting MF brochures for you at Zwolle as well.. just received the papers for booking a table or two at the show

my best guess is that you just missed the best possibility for a show in France that has plenty of brochures to offer. the Chartres show is by my knowledge the biggest show in France where you can trade the older brochures. This show is normally around the beginning of June

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