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Nibbler's Vintage Shed.


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This is a collection of Vintage tractors, farm machinery and horse drawn implements.

Some of the items were used by my Granda and Father on the family farm. Other items were bought in Northern Ireland or at vintage auctions in the UK.

My Granda spent alot of time cleaning and painting many of the items.

My Father has many of the items displayed in pallet racking shelving.

From the outside it looks like a normal shed. However the inside tells a different story.



This photo only shows a section of this collection.

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There is over one hundred items in this collection. Some are horsedrawn implements such as ploughs, reapers, potato diggers.

Quite a few of the tractor implements are Massey Ferguson or Ferguson.

A view of one of the shelving. Cultivators, Horsedrawn ploughs.


A couple of horse carts.ShedSeptember7th2004011.jpg

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Phwoar... what a stunner... thanks for that. Did you do the P3 conversion on the tractor or was it bought like that ???

I bet the neighbours soon became dead jealous when it rained or snowed with that lovely cab. It really doesn't look too cramped either... as for the seat.... Ramsomes of Ipswich I take it ??? ... not too far from me and right in PDC territory  ;)

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Have a read of this: now Reekie Group

The company’s origins started in Ladybank in 1947 when agriculture was in the beginning of a mechanised revolution. Company founder Mr Gavin R Reekie OBE formed Farm Mechanisation Ltd, affectionately known as “The Mech†to market the innovative TE20 Ferguson tractor with the revolutionary hydraulic 3-point linkage. In those early days horses were still the main power source on the farm and tractors were for “softiesâ€.

In an early letter to Mr Reekie in 1949 a farmer wrote. “I am using horses everyday and I know by experience that from years end to years end, two good men with pairs of good horses will more than hold their own with a tractor and do better work by a long bitâ€. Today’s farmer may have a different take on that point of view.

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Producer and pioneer of Ferguson vineyard conversions... much to the annoyance of Mr HF himself.. still an MF dealer today I believe... they have made plenty of conversions and implements to/for MF kit over the years.. but most famous for vineyard conversions I'd say.

That 35 is a little peach as well... looks to have been restored with a great deal of care Peter... thanks for sharing the images. Interesting that she's got an 'assembly style' drawbar as well... I thought they were not fitted until the X came about.. or there abouts datewise.

Do you have the serial number handy for this lady mate ???

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