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Old Bale Barn

thomas b

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Hello all.

I have started a new Bale Barn for a show case Dio, i have left my old yard for a bit so i can get on with starting my new Display... Here is the start.

In my spare time i disigned a barn on the computer and lazer cut them into componants to stick together.


Also I Cut a bit of MDF Down for my base board and drilled holes to fit my A-Frame type thing.


After they were all in, I made some holes in the gerder for my wooden pins to Fit the bars.


After we finished all of them


As it worked well, i fitted the roof  :)


but To fit the sides we needed supports ,so i cut some bars for it


So i used the same stone spray as the old yard to give the effect, but soon i will have grass and rust and dirt ,ect ect added.

Hope you enjoyed so far, more coming soon

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we never had lazers at school in my day  :-\

even the stuff on 'tomorows world' looked far fetched & that technology has been out of date for years .

although i'm still yearning for the day when retro mobiles become fashionable again , you know the ones that ring & you can talk to people with  ::)

good going son , was good watching you get this done  :) 

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Excellent work Thomas - taking after your Daddy with you dio skills I see (and it's about time you got him working on some stuff again too!). Great to see a different build method :)

WHAT ? tris is his dad ??? but i thought........................... :'(

;D ;D ;D

although the daddy bit went a long time ago, nowadays he's big enough to lump me one  ;D ;D

might just get back to it one day though

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