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Farm/Display unit.


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Hi I'm new on here and I mentioned on my intro that I'd built a unit and some of the guys were interested in seeing it, it's a bit of a faf to upload to photobucket then link it to here so heres a link to my FB photo.


The top is now covered with javis grass and over christmas I will be making a few sheds for it. The shelves in the front are for storing tractors and implements, although they have been commandeered at the moment for fluffly teddies and books, it's just not right!

After reading about the quantities of tractors some of you guys have amassed I will try and get some up of my meagre collection up.

Cheers Jon

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The wee loon is a a slighty larger loon now, this was taken about 5 months ago, he is now capable of destroying a tractor if he so wishes which thankfully isn't to often. really looking forward to making the buildings.

My business partner has a collection too and has fancyfull ideas for a layout with 12 sheds up to 1200x600mm, his GF has other things to say about it though! Jon

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Ha! That's great  :laugh:

Will your business partner be joining us too then Jon?  ;):) :)

You must see if you can get a copy of Model Farmer magazine if you havn't already. It's an affiliation of Farmtoys Forum created by Andy, the boss, the big cheese. . ..  now formally known as Chief Cheddage! Anyway, amazing read from front, through every article, to back.  :) :)

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