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Rather than flooding the 'what is your latest purchase' topic I decided to make my own as well. Following all great collectors on here  ::) . I only started collecting sales literature in earnest about four years ago. Before that I just took what I could get from shows and dealerships. We regularly visited a Ford and later New Holland dealership so my collection contains a lot of those makes. Nowadays I collect just about anything which can be quite a pain. I tend to focus a bit on combine harvesters, root harvesters (potato and beet) and Dutch machinery manufacturers such as Lely, Vicon and PZ Zweegers.

Here are some of my latest additions taken home from Zwolle.

1. Massey Ferguson 400 & 500 combines. Sadly with a bit of pen writing on the cover. Had the price of 36.900 guilder on it also. I guess that is what it cost the farmer.

2. MF 510 this time.

3. Braud 405 6 in Dutch

4. Braud 405 6 again but different. Also in Dutch.





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1. Ford 7700 4wd. One of the nicest Ford models in my opinion. Sadly I already have the brochure so if anyone is interested..

2. Ford 7710. Again one of my personal favourites.

3. Ebro 6100 spec sheet. A Spanish tractor but German leaflet.

4. Steyr 9155a, 9170a and 9190a models, MF based.





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1. Ransomes 801, 1001 and Cavalier models.

2. Ransomes Cavalier brochure.

3. Claas Dominator CS range. There is another version which has a picture of 3 combines on the front and one with a rice plant on the cover. Still on the look out for those and then I should have prety much the whole Dominator CS/Commandor range complete I hope.

4. Range brochure from Dominator and Commandor series.





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Some MDW combine ones.

1. Ernte Meister 525.

2. Ernte Meister 525 & 525H.

3. Ernte Meister 527, ST and STS models.

4. Ernte Meister 'combine assistant'. Quite interesting infact as the computer is an Apple MessagePad 120. This is the predecessor of the PDI and the great grantmother of the iPad. Not bad for an former DDR manufacturer to offer Apple computers in their combine harvesters  :laugh: .





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Thanks Mark. I am however not looking forward to see my wallet shrink  :( . Luckily with the use of Paypal you hardly notice  :laugh:

:D a deadly weapon in the wrong hands is Paypal Niels... poor old Martin (Newholland2) has also just started to destroy any savings he may have made with the use of Paypal  ::):D :D :D .. nasty old business this collecting malarkey isn't it  :)
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Thanks Jack, Pete and Ronald  :) .

I do collect just about everything, sadly  ::) . I took on a large collection earlier this year and it is now sort of filling in the gaps trying to get the whole series complete. However I do tend to focus extra on combine harvesters and root harvesting kit (potato and beet). Tractor wise I have always liked Ford and MF best plus any unusual stuff (Belarus, Ursus, Zetor, Same, Lambo etc) which are interesting to see and also well priced compared to some of the top notch makes.

Oh and Dutch build machinery such as Lely, Vicon etc.. gets special attention as well  :P

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'Sinterklaas' is where the Americans got their 'Santa Claus' from. Originally a Dutch and Belgian tradition this man brings children and grown ups presents every year on December the 5th. More about him here if you'd be interested: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinterklaas (which you're not I can see that  ;) ).

Anyway, to cut a long story short. After his arrival in Holland late November (he lives in Spain most of the year, the lucky b#sterd  ;D ) children, and sometimes also big children, are allowed to place their 'shoe' near the chimney and Sinterklaas' helpers will put something in their shoe. providing you conveniently placed a carrot and some water with your shoe for ol' Sinterklaas' white hoss. And it seems I got it spot on this year!

Look what I found in my shoe last night  :of . And no, i'm not that big footed  :P . A lovely box full with aprox. 200/250? tractor and machinery brochures  :D . Think I need a lie down now.


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Well I had never thought i'd have something new to show you MF-wise  :D . Code on the back reads v.d.Br. 12-69-2800, which I guess stands for the Dutch importer Brinkmann & Niemeijer. And then EX-B-242-869.

So is this a 12/69 brochure or 8/69 or 9/86?

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