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Hello Again

Luke (DeWitt)

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My name is Luke DeWitt, some of you may remember me from a while back. I have been away from the forum for quite some time for some personal reasons so I just wanted to say hello again. I look forward to getting back in the swing of things and catching up with everyone. I have defiantly missed the forum atmosphere so it is good to be back.


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Haha, no prison time for me. My farm display keeps me out of trouble. I am an avid collector of 1/64th models and have just made space for some new models.

The new look of the forum is defiantly different but it looks great. My hats off to Andy and anyone else involved. My collection has increased and my display is always getting closer to completion but is a display ever truly completed? ;D

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Hello again Dave...... ? No, it's Pete isn't it? Aloicious? Fred?


LUKE! Luke, great to see you back on FTF and posting in the layout section. It seems only you who keeps us informed in the 1/64 scale of the hobby so I look forward to seeing what you have added to your farm. I hope all is well with you. Are you studying or in work now bud?

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Well done Luke... good to see you back buddy... FTF has always been 'optional' but I'm glad you've found the 'itch' of being seperated from us weirdos too hard not to scratch :P

I'm looking forward to seeing what you've been up to on your layout, just like the rest.

Welcome home son ! :-*

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Tris, I am working but I am on my winter layoff until mid march. Things are well, just alot of back and forth with a company that is considering expanding and want me to manage the new division. Should be exciting to see where the path leads me.

Sue, I love the detail that can go into a 1/64th model plus my fingers don't get in the way when I modify them like they do on 1/87th scale

Mark, it is good to be home, i have missed the family feel of the forum so it feels great to be back.

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Hi friends i am back. I hope see you all again. I have bougth some models in the meantime i post pics as soon as possible

Hi............. now there's a name I remember. had a little holiday from the forum like me? Welcome back! I remember the pictures you used to post from your travels in your truck. ;)

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