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Pdmodel Dewulf Ra 3060 Potato Harvester 1/32


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I will review a model that has not been shown or written before on this forum, apart from my post earlier. In fact the model was covered in mystery and I personally thought of it as a hoax when I first heard of it. The builder, an unknown Chinese firm named PDModel, hand build it with great care of detail. They also build the six row Monosem maize drill and the Franquet Bisynchrospire 1/32 models that came in small plastic boxes. According to the box a total of hundred were build and only available through official Dewulf dealership, which is NI Agri for the UK.


First impression (Rating: 9,5) This must be one of the loveliest scale model boxes in my opinion. It looks and feels very much like packaging used by Apple. It has a sticker on top telling you which number the model is (of hundred made) and contains an authentic autograph of one of the company's owners, Rika Dewulf. Note, the autograph is not a cheap copy but hand signed. On the side there is also a sticker with the builders website address, www.pdmodel.cn.


Unpacking (Rating: 7) When you take the lid of the big white 'shoebox' you will find a thick soft foam covering underneath it. Taking that off the actual model is shown, or at least the top half of it. The model is screwed down to a large footplate with two large screws. All the accessories are kept in a separate sack and contain some of the hand railings, mirrors, beacons, indicator lights and ladders. The model already has holes in place for the various parts. They need securing with a little bit of glue. (Make sure the parts are clean and don't touch them with your bare hands or the glue will react with it and get white). A drawing of where each part should be attached is not included so you will have to be careful and take a good look. From what I gathered it takes about 3 to 4 hours to get the model fully assembled! This means it is not for the faint hearted and it is best to put it away in an enclosed cabinet and never touch it again. It is extremely brittle and there are little places you can safely lift it up without breaking something off.


Quality and finish (Rating: 8 ) The quality of this model appears to be very good. There seem to be very little wrong with it but you have to be extremely careful. They tried to make it as realistic as possible but this comes with a price. On my own model I had two hydraulic hoses come off and a hydraulic ram got bend. It is advised to not touch and stretch the model to much or you will end up with broken parts and quite possibly a broken heart! The box states it is build out of resin but the chassis, topper and all the large parts are made of steel. The webs are all of sturdy plastic and give it a realistic finish. The rubber on some of the tyres might however not fit tightly on the rim which is a bit of a shame on a model of this class.


Detail of Realism (Rating: 9) With a model of this class there really isn't much to be left to desire. All the parts, minuscule as they are, are present and most of them actual work as well. Though they are best left untouched. The unloading bunker is made up of three separate parts that can lower down into the bottom of a trailer. However, when you try to lower it the ram will pop out of it's cylinder and getting them back in is a real pain. Probably the biggest let-down is the main digger web which is not made up of the fine bar type web but the much thicker webbing also used inside the hopper. The rear discharge belt is as it should but the mesh, in my opinion, might a little to fine. It is probably exactly to scale but just doesn't look right. Also the cab interior is just a once-piece black bit of plastic. On a model like this it could have been a lot more detailed and painted. Yet again, a bit of a let down. Finally the two row haulm topper is mounted in front but there is no shaft underneath with flails. Although you won't see it I feel it is a bit of a miss.


Conclusion: With the Ra 3060 model PDModel have outperformed on just about any model manufacturer (apart from maybe the special NH CR 9090 and T7060). The level of detailing is absurd and it all appears to be accurate. There are minor let downs but in general this model gets a big thumbs up. If you are interested in root crop growing then this is a must have for your display cabinet. The row spacing is set to 2x 75cm rows and not the UK's standard 90cm, however the model is sold and used in the UK. Also the right rear tyre would probably have to be different.

I give this model an 8,3 overall as it is suburb but is let down by some details that could have been improved. Also availability is an issue and I am sure they could have build a lot more

Facts about the real model:

Make: Dewulf

Model: Ra 3060

Type of machine: Root crop harvester suitable for lifting potatoes, onions, carrots and others

Engine: Deutz TCD 2013 323 hp

Drive: Hydrostatic transmission

Bunker: 7 tonnes (11m³)

Price: € 300.948

Years of build: 2005 - current

Facts about the scale model:

Manufacturer: PDModel

Scale: 1/32

Length: Aprox. 36 cm

Width: Aprox. 10,5 cm

Price: I paid € 240,00

No. build: 100 in total

P.S: Andy, wouldn't it be a good idea to make a standard 'form' for reviewing models? As I now struggled to find out what I should write about and what not.

Any questions or request for more pictures, please ask.

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