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There is nothing wrong with T & M but they do cater for the enthusiast who has got a tractor to play with or renovate, they do a lot with the vintage rally scene and cover road runs and ploughing matches. Classic Tractor is for those of us who just like tractors as a whole and like to see fleet profiles of working machines that are still in use on the farm. They also seem to find some rarities and barn finds from time to time as well as some of the overseas makes, particularly Australia and the US.

There is room for both titles in the market as they have different styles, you can either take your pick or get both, I subscribe to CT but I buy T & M most months.

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Thanks Mike, I think I will go CT to be honest think it covers more of what I am looking for had a look in my local Newsagents this morning and they had both which was a surprise seeming we are a tiny town here so had a browse.

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CT is without doubt the best tractor mag you can buy and i have in my time purhased them all, i purchased the very first issue way back in 2001 and just about got every issue since, if you like tractors from the 70s era onwards then you will love it.

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I couldn't agree more with Steve P!!! Thanks for the vote of confidence Robbo and Steve, and also your support as regular readers.

As you point out, both magazines are completely different and dare I say have evolved in different directions as time has gone by. This has been achieved at CT by stringently focusing on tractors built during and since the 1960s and also by enlisting a completely different set of contributors (mainly freelance agricultural journalists).


R Day

Classic Tractor

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