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John Deere 8530 - a few alterations

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just a few alterations to the Ertl John Deere 8530

Removed the rear wheels and cut the axle down so the wheels don't stick out so much

I also removed the "quick hitch" attachment (to be used later) and replaced the linkage arms with some new ones from Artisan 32


And next to an unaltered 8530


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very nice barry,i use artisan,always good to deal with but postage high if only buying something small,any connection with the 8530?

Postage can be high, I generally order stuff to collect when I go over to France on vacation (check the link at the bottom of my replys www.cognacvacances.com my girlfriend parents house) that way it saves a few euro's and gives me a few months to prepare an order!!!

I have no connection to the 8530, but for me it's one of the best 1/32 models that I have (got 3 of them I think!!!) and i've wanted to do a front linkage conversion on one since Artisan32 brought out the front linkage for it.

I can't remember who took a really cool picture of a 8530 and posted it on here with a big front linkage, i'll have a look and post it up again.

great looking deere you have there barry. looks excellent.

Cheers Chris, I don't do as much model making/converting as I would like to do, but this year I said to myself I would do 1 a month, this is the first so i'm already 2 behind!!!!! (well, 1 and 1/2!)

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Scratch that, I got medieval on it and it slid off a treat (a pair of (soft jaw) pliers and a blow torch).

I am really liking what you have done with your 8530 rear track so I think I will shamelessly plagiarise your work, unless you will take virtual beers as royalties?!?! Keep up the good work

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Beers recieved and consumed :)

Yeah, the rear wheels are a nightmare to remove!!!

I used a hacksaw on the axle!!

Plagiarise away my friend, thats why I put the pictures up :)

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