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International 634,434 models?


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I think they were priced around about the £120 - £130 price range Oliver. Not cheap, but highly desirable models. Must admit I was very, very tempted.

Thanks David, I would be tempted as well I love old Internationals they were a fantastic tractor in my opinion.

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Ed, save your pounds up and you can come and buy a fine restored example of the real thing!!!

Hi Howard, My 434 is nearly finished mechanically with just the hydraulics to sort it will be ready for paint when the weather is suitable. I am seriously considering getting a 634 for my next project as Ithink it would be a good investment as well as looking good. A Roadless version would be even better but may be too expensive!

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There is one of these on Ebay at the moment but you might have to be quick, it finishes in just over an hour


Whoops edit..................just the empty box but still going for silly money

Do you think they realise they are empty???? Would be well peed when I got them and didn't know that ha ha!

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model shop 24 did some 644's a while back, theres one on ebay now if thats any good?? dont know my ih's so not sure if its the same as your after size wise


also the repliagri 624 arround


like i say not a ih man, but may be platforms to convert at least

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Actually, knowing the value of these empty boxes in Denmark, being a Danish collector/dealer, buyer made a fair deal at that price.


well if it doubles or even triples the value it will be a good invest ment. i bid a boxed 434 up to £117 n lost out . it finished off making £225 , while the 414 made even more
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