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chemical storage shed


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started building this last week,its going to be a chemical storage shed.i want it to look old and abit run down with some of the plaster coming away from the brick work.doing the brick work this way is very time consuming but its a much better effect than the embossed paper brick work which to me looks to perfect/uniform.i have just started doing the pointing inbetween the bricks on the front,i need to add some rusty streaks to the roof.i still need to make a door and i have just started making road signs/warning signs so all the health and safety signage will be added.


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thats brilliant, you should make some other sheds ;)

Thata some top notch work there ;):), how did you do the bricks??

And what tin did you use to make the roof as It looks really realistic?

thanks for your comments.

dont know if i should give away all my secrets just yet as i am currently writing a book about converting models,weathering techniques,how to build realistic looking buildings etc.

is this something any of you guys would be interested in?

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very nice, like tris i would love to know where the brick sections come from, we used to have a old pig unit that had red brick lower walls like that, were never plastered, but had been painted white, and look exactly like the walls arround the door finish wise

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the bricks are all done individually,with this one i made each wall then stuck them together.i have not made a mould for these they are scratch built,if i was going to be making alot of them i would make a mould.in the book i am writing i will be giving away all my secrets,tricks,tips,.

i have made the door added streaks of rust to the hinge bolts and roof then added the signs.now i need to make a base for it.


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Very nice, looks the part, that shot looks very real to be honest.

That does look good,you should bring some of you creation's to the Tree Top in Aberdeen on the 6th on May,



Looks good. Whens this book available

thanks for all your comments.

i dont know exactly when my book will be available,i am writing as fast as i can.its more time consuming than i though it would be as i am writing taking pics building projects for the book.it wasnt till i started i realized just how much info i have stashed in my head.i want the book to be as informative to beginners and professional builders.

right just done a really simple base added some tufts of grass,moss at the bottom of the wall.another one for ebay.


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I have a DVD on scenic and building tips somewhere, it came off of eBay. I can not remember the name of the curator but it is quite good. I ought to dig it out. I really like what you have done, it is a lovely shed and that style would suit my idea of a layout down to the ground.

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