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Tullyhogue Farm

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The object of this farm is to bring together different locations of interest around my house. I'm surrounded by farms and no matter where I look theres something interesting to build or to add to my layout.

The size of the farm will be 8ft x 8ft or larger, built in 2ft by 4ft sections for ease of transportation from show to show. All the sections are designed so that they can be bolted together.

I'm still working on this section The fencing, a few more trees, hedges and a barn for the top half of the section where the farm yard will be. I need to finish the road on the lower half of the section and to add one or two telegraph poles.

Tullyhouge Farm will be on full display at the moria show near the end of the year.

PS. maize - I made this - just another 100+ to make for the next or third section.ha ha!





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Wow! There is some detail in that section, and the pictures are great! This is going to be great when its all done, I like getting lost in these mini dioramas.

Out of interest, how many hours do you reckon you have put in to the layout?

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About 5 hours to build the MDF frame and lay plaster clothe over the mesh. Laying scatters about 2hours - trees and fencing 3 hours in all about ten hours I reckon, I'll time my self when I do the next section. The buildings will take about 8 hours each. I don't include the drying time.

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Absolute back braking work planted loads of seeds today a silver birch, a fir and hedgrows then added abit of PVA and up she pops. stuff waiting for them to grow .ha ha!

Here's some photos of the work done so far. Just the gate to build, fencing, telegraph pole, finish of the road and yard then I can start on my very first 1:32 shed/sable.




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Thanks for all your comments. I've added two telegraph poles, the hedges, more chain-link fencing, flowers, adjusted the gate posts for a 14ft Gate and the wooden fence, finished the road and just a couple of firs to add. This tuesday I'll start building the Shed/workshop & stable. I will put it together in a step by step manner and will upload in stages. For those who would like to try brick work?.




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Just made one or two changes see the difference in the photos. Added more fir trees two ash trees to add. Removed one tree that didn't look wright and replaced with a birch tree as seen in photo two.

Made the plans for my Barn/workshop & stable using my Autocad only to find my daughters have used all the ink in the printer for there course work.... :angry: "daddy we aint got now money for the ink", :blink: Kids e!!



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