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The obligatory FTF silage comp?


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Right Chaps and Chapess's.

Unless i'm going blind (highly feasible) I cant seem to find the obligatory FTF silage comp. for this year.

I was wondering how many folk are up for a bit of friendly banter, potential grass slinging (see what I did there.....) and overall learning tips from others through a blade of sporting rivalry. (Ill get my coat and stop with the puns now)

The previous entries have been amazing seeing what others have done with various unrelated materials even on a tight budget and kit combinations.

Everyone up for the same categories again? from memory they were chopping pre 1990 and anything up until modern day and baling pre 1990 / present day (or am I thinking of 1980??)

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Funny you should say that Andrew but a chap at work sent me an IM saying have a good weekend see you Monday...my response was thanks Tom you too...and I'm off home to cut my grass after drying it with a hair dryer ;D ;D

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good good. I wonder if some of the moderators would be kind enough to create and sticky the topics to get some sort of official FTF comp. going. I could create them but will more than likely get lost and confusion might ensue if someone else gets the idea and doesn't notice. Was thinking run from now ish to middle of August.

Let me know earlier is fine with me. Dont want it to drag on in case someone holds a grain harvest one later on.

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